Scarcity versus Abundance

My darling,

It feels a little weird to be telling you this… (Because we’ve been so programmed to think there’s only enough for one). I went out on a date tonight and it was really lovely. E was wonderful and thoughtful and fun to talk with. And now that I’m home unwinding, I want to share all that with you. That none of it has diminished what I feel for you. It may have even strengthened it, because I’m sitting here fighting the urge to call you, share with you, have you be excited for me. And I think you would be.

And this is something I want to see if it is possible for us, to love more and include more people in that love. To not see the other love as enemies and things that lessen our love. But rather as blessings and proof there is an abundance of love in the world.

You have always been amazingly open-minded about things–in ways I never appreciated or fully explored before. Now I find myself wanting to reach for that and having to remind myself that I’m rushing it.

So I’m leaving this as a reminder for later to tell you all of this and let you know it was always appreciated.

All my love.

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