My darling,
I’m sitting on a plane wondering how I got so lucky with all this Salesforce shit. The hotel is 3 blocks from Salesforce headquarters and the event. It’s entirely paid for as is this flight. And if none of the five openings already in the works come thru, then there will be 5 days of networking done here. So I sit here going how did I get so lucky…
And it recalls to me how often we said that in the first months of our relationship, how lucky we were to find each other. Then for some reason I can’t remember you said we should stop. I wish we hadn’t. Finding each other had been a blessing, even if it wasn’t luck. When we stopped acknowledging that, I think it hurt us. We never should have stopped appreciating what brought us together and the things that made us feel so good together.
Instead we should have acknowledged our luck by talking about how our actions and passions had drawn us together. That we had earned our luck and cherished it’s. Would that have made the difference when life got more challenging, when other external factors demanded our time and energy? Would it have helped us remember the really important shit? Would that acknowledgement of how wonderful things were grounded us better?
We’ll never know for sure. I do know this. My life is blessed. I will never stop saying that. When we have healed and found our new way forward, I will never stop saying how lucky I was to meet you or how lucky I am to have you in my life. Because lucky is just another word for blessed and it doesn’t matter that if it really was luck or hard work or good energy.
All my love.

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