More Change

My darling,

It was so good to see you today, to feel your arms around me. I didn’t want to let go. You even said we’ll talk soon, which sounded so lovely.

And yet, I move forward without you too. I take steps on a path that may lead away from you permanently… I went out with I on Friday, to dance at El Centro. Gods I didn’t realize how much dancing is a part of me, part of my corestone. So needed to renew myself. Half the night moving, enjoying the sensuality of the motion.

And to be with someone new, who is open to me and has no assumptions of me. To have that purity for now. We’ll not have that again, only openness from conscious choice. In some ways, new seems a better choice–to not have to help you unlearn the old me, to be able to show someone who I am without any doubts or preconceived notions.

You noticed the earrings though, and complimented me on them.

I miss the fuck out of you.

All my love.

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