Moving Forward

Dearest Self,

It’s been a rough week as well as a good one. That’s okay–they’re not mutual elusive on that Venn diagram. You’ve done so much good, made so much progress. I mean for fuck’s sake, you made it into the office by 9 every single morning. That’s enormous; something you’ve never really done–show up at a set time rather than by when you’re expected. You’ve been absolutely fucking brilliant.

But because you’ve also been hurting, I’m writing you to remind you to stay open. That it’s okay to not be perfect or have everything planned or for plans not to work out. It’s okay to cry (like Mom told you today, “crying is the pain coming out of you.”).

I also wanted to remind you of how amazing you are, how deadly effective you are when you set your mind to something, that things can be going right in the long term even when the moment seems like only pain and wrongness.

You know what you want. You have brilliant outcomes with deep meaningful purpose. You want to help people be better and that’s amazing. Just stay focused on those, do the things you’ve planned to make them happen, stay open to unexpected opportunities that come to you.

Remember you are abundance, confidence, love. You don’t need these things given to you. You don’t need to find them. You are full of them, enough to share.

All my love.

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