What’s Going On Here?

My Darling,

I’m missing you right now, your reassurances when the world goes upside down. Because the world seems to be doing that right now. I’ve started missing trains by a minute instead of having them appear on the platform as I arrive. And on Monday night, I kicked over the space heater and managed to break a toe. Yes, really, K and Dr. H both confirmed it’s broken. A tiny bit off-putting given I need to ramp up work-outs to be ready to snowboard in a month.

They’re only little things, but they’re now out of the norm and I’m wonder what the universe is trying to tell me right now. Everything seems to be going well, except these hiccups. Perhaps that’s all they are. I hope so. I’ve come to enjoy this new life with never having to wait for trains and running up the DuPont Circle escalators.

All my love.

P.S. After reflection, this seems to be a reminder to focus on appreciating what I have and not creating expectations. Perhaps?

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