The Mists of Memory

My darling,

The last of the boxes came out of storage today. I didn’t really think about it. It was just the next To Do… I just didn’t expect it to be so much. And full of a lifetime of memories, not only ours. Now all of it is staring me in the face. Clutter in my sanctuary. Questions of what to do with some, if I can even deal with others, and can I bear to throw some of it out?

As I sort through all of it, the past keeps reaching for me, paining me for lost opportunities and forgotten chances. I keep telling me that it’s just the past. It says nothing about my future. But it’s hard to read the lessons I’ve spent all this year learning written down from ages ago. When did I forget?

I really wish I could talk to you tonight. Curl up and confide in you and share my day. Then listen to yours. But really, if you were with me tonight, I wouldn’t be trying to sort the memories. I wouldn’t be asking all these questions. And maybe that’s what’s really bothering me here.

All my love.

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