The Last Jedi

My darling,

I went to see Star Wars tonight. The first new release not with you. I walked by that Real Madrid bar you wanted to have an apartment near and couldn’t stop myself from wishing that we should have had a place together nearby–balcony and all.

Now I want to sit with you and talk it over. To hear your thoughts on the story line, to compare notes on what worked and what didn’t. On what was going on with Leia?!?!

I’d tell you that I didn’t like it–it was base and ugly. Not the cinematography or the sets or the costumes. Just the story line. I spent most of the movie feeling angry at the characters’ stupidity–like watching the Walking Dead–how over and over and over again these characters put everyone in the worst possible situation, were their own worst enemies. Of course, one might say there wouldn’t have been a story without it. Then again what a story there might have been.

I just remembered (at least with IV and V) that those were stories of barely surviving and how the human spirit fought and stayed alive against impossible odds. This was a story of possible odds and pompous heroes who failed continuously to make good choices.

I did like how Luke finally got past his whiny self and was amused that although Leia lives in the movie while Han and Luke die, in real life it’s the reverse. I understood Ben Solo better too–that we got to see all of the mixed-up-ness that life is and the damage of one moment of doubt can do. Or maybe it’s just a reflection of my inner turmoil.

The rest of the day was also really good–lots of reaching for the Samsung to share the excitement and then having to stop, realizing that doesn’t work anymore. Other people have stepped up and the good stuff does get celebrated–just not with you. In those moments my heart still breaks.

I’ll look for you tonight in my dreams. Perhaps there we can still share a little and both be content.

All my love and may the Force be with you always.

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