A Poor Proxy

My darling,

I miss the fuck out of you. I miss how excited you got for me when things went well and the feel of your arms around me when things didn’t. I miss your funny sayings and your positive attitude. Right now, I just want to pick up the phone and tell you all about the great things that are happening in my life. I want to hear that excitement in your voice for my successes. And I can’t…

Today, I paid off the last of the credit card debt! Yes, I’m so happy about that. It felt amazing! Even more so, that there’s still a comfortable balance in the checking account, that I’m solvent again. I want to take you to dinner tonight and toast the achievement.

At work, I had such a great Salesforce day. I finally got to e-meet the company’s account executive and we talked about a lot of different options. It felt really good to find a representative who can help me find new resources. After that, I went for coffee with a Salesforce consultant and spent most of the time talking about other interest. However, she is also going to connect me with a Salesforce Admin of similar background as a resource.

Even better, everything clicked together on the hotel for NYC next week. They were able to move the reservation into February without any additional cost so I’m only out the $45 bus ticket. It’s amazing how well things are going for me right now.

I miss you.

All my love.

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